Keith Richards in Anvers, 1973, by Claude Gassian.

When I first met Keith all I could think was: This is a guy who really needs a friend. I gave him the keys to my apartment after only knowing him two weeks. There was no sexual thing going on. I knew he just needed a secret place where he could get far away from the madding crowd. It wasn’t love at first sight, though it feels like that now. 
I remember New Year’s Eve ‘79 going into ‘80, I knew somehow I was going to see him. I just knew it. When I got to my apartment, there he was sitting on my stairs, waiting for me. Keith and I have never been apart on a New Year’s Eve since. - Patti on the start of her and Keith’s relationship

"He loves it, I think he’s addicted,
He loves playing chess and the applause that sounds when he wins."

- When Alexandra Richards bought Keith an iPad for Father’s Day

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Sister Act ― Little T&A.

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Anita Pallenberg on a beach [x)

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Keith Richards in New York City, 1978.
© Photographed by Michael Putland.