❝ Keith Richards riding in black. Black tattered smokey. Fantasy of diamonds falling from the skies Dark room evening to night gigantic lights Hearing cicadas. Ashes float liquid floats in plastic cups Prowling around like caged free animals Dusty memories fragmented thoughts. An ocean of cool.❞ ― British GQ.
© Photos by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander for British GQ, 1994.

❝ My mom told Keith that she was worried about her baby, and he told her not to worry because he’d take care of me. So, if I ever got really thin running around with him, he would take me off, put some weight on me. Keith promised my mom he would take care of me, and he did.❞ — Patti Hansen

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Keith with his new grandson Otto!

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#QUESTMAG ➪ On the set, blank background paper is being rolled out as the lights go up and our models arrive. Stunningly chic even in break-of-day déshabille, we wonder how it’s possible to look so beautiful this early in the morning. They need no introduction ; Hannah Bronfman and Alexandra Richards, both in-demand DJs, stars on the social scene, and entrepreneurs carrying their family names into the next generations. Calling them “It” girls seems like a gross understatement. © Julie Skarratt.

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Keith Richards girls Alexandra and Theodora